Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Time for Another Baby ?

So your baby isn't a baby anymore, she is a toddler ! Maybe she is still breastfeeding, or maybe she has weaned. Either way, you are getting that "baby fever" !
You love mothering your toddler, but you miss the feeling of a newborn in your arms. Your toddler will cuddle when she is tired, but is otherwise squirmy because she spend every waking moment exploring the world around her.
You think it would be lovely to have another baby, but how do you know you are ready ?
You've just gotten your toddler to sleep soundly through the night. Are you really ready to be up again, nursing every two to three hours round the clock?  You finally lost that baby weight. Are you ready to put the maternity clothes back on ?
All of these are questions that every mother has to answer for herself.

Maybe your last birth experience was not what you had hoped it would be. Maybe you had a cesarean and don't want to repeat that experience. How will you go about finding a doctor or midwife that will support your decision to VBAC ( Vaginal Birth After Cesarean )?
Websites like www.vbac.com can help you plan a VBAC.

Maybe you didn't get breastfeeding off to a good start last time and you would like to breastfeed your next baby. Websites like La Leche League International can help you find a local La Leche League group to attend to get lots of support from experienced Leaders and other Moms.

Maybe you didn't take childbirth classes last time, or would like to take a different series this time.
Websites like Lamaze International can help you find an accredited childbirth educator.

Every birth and every baby are completely unique ! So think about all of your questions and concerns and find the resources you need to make your next birth the best it can be.

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