Monday, November 18, 2013

The Criminal Prosecution of Midwives Does Not Help Mothers and Babies in NC
Are Doctors Charged With Murder When A Baby or Mother Dies ?

Today I want to link to a heartfelt post on the BIRTH TRUE blog which deals with murder charges brought against an NC midwife. 

Dr Stu and Brian are joined by Stephanie and Celeste to discuss some of the major problems with our legal system when it comes to birthing and midwives and the case of Rowan Bailey. 

Monday, November 11, 2013

BODY, VOICE and ACTION Are Needed to Be BOLD in Birth By Teresa Howard

BODY, VOICE and ACTION Are Needed to Be BOLD
By Teresa Howard

Sometimes, women know they have fears regarding childbirth, but they won’t let themselves truly come to terms with those fears. 

Sometimes, women allow others fears to permeate them and they take on additional fears. We have come to believe that if we speak them or acknowledge them, it gives the fear more power. Indeed, I do not think this is true. I think as long as we do not face the fear, it is more powerful and can ,in fact, grow larger and darker.

Sometimes, women want to dream about their perfect birth vision.  

Sometimes, we are afraid to write it down or even speak it as to jinx it from happening. 

Sometimes, when we do begin to speak about it, others quash it, immediately, by telling us it is unrealistic.

Sometimes, we are aware that others did not have the birth they desired and it intimidates us to speak of what we want, for fear that it may make them feel bad.

Sometimes, women have great births but are afraid to speak of how empowered they were, for fear of making others feel bad. 

Thus, many great birth stories are not being told.

I have been a childbirth educator and doula for two decades. I have attended over 570 births. 

What I know is, if you do not allow yourself to dream big, get your fears out, have tools to resolve the fears and full address them, you will not achieve the birth you desire and there is not much hope of you having that birth vision at all.

The method of childbirth I teach is the BOLD Method of Childbirth. It is based on the journey that Karen Brody has been on since first writing the play BIRTH.  

In BOLD classes, we sit with women, over a weekend,  and discuss the vision they have and help them formulate the vision that lives with them. We look at the underlying issues that may stand in their way of achieving that vision. Then, they come up with a strategy to move those obstacles out of their way and devise tactics to implement that strategy.

We move in our class. We dance, we learn some yoga and do some roll playing and embrace great ways to help our bodies have an easier birth. We sing in our class and begin to have a voice within us that has great guidance if we listen. We learn about the power that is within each of us. The women leave with a real sense of what kind of birth they desire and a plan to help them get that birth. Developing a mantra that will help them own their birth is also part of the class.

We incorporate BODY, VOICE and ACTION in the BOLD Method. We hope that women will take responsibility for their bodies and no longer let their voices be silenced, but will take back their births fully! We have been amazed at how empowered women feel when they leave our classes. We have been even more equally amazed at the births of our students. They are fully involved in their birth choices and have felt very prepared.

Teresa Howard, CLD, CLE (CAPPA), CHBE, DFB, BOLD

I am a birth guide- someone to help you along your mysterious journey- guiding you when you need it, helping you back on the path if you step off, watching in wonder when you don't, and always supporting you.
I am the owner and founder of Labor of Love Doula and Childbirth Services, Inc. I began assisting in births in 1992. I've worked with water births, natural births, multiples, high-risk births & VBACs. I have doulaed for both home and hospital births. I've enjoyed working with both single moms & couples ranging in age from 17 to 46. In early November 2011 I was delighted to have doulaed for my 500thbaby!. I serve women in the metro area of Atlanta and Athens. This is not only my profession, but my calling!

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