Friday, November 27, 2009

Review : The Naturally Healthy Pregnancy by Shonda Parker

It's Thursday, and time for another review of one of my favorite books to share with my clients who want to know how to build a foundation of healthy bodies and minds for pregnancy and birth.
Shonda Parker is a trusted expert in the field of natural health, specifically, nutrition and herbal therapies.
She is a childbirth educator and family herbalist and experienced mother. 
Her book, The Naturally Healthy Pregnancy is a must have for women who believe that nourishing their bodies is the first building block in growing a healthy baby. This book is your "essential guide to nutritional and botanical medicine for the childbearing years."
Shonda gives no-nonsense recommendations on various common discomforts of pregnancy and with each, she offers both lifestyle and dietary recommendations as well as nutritional and herbal recommendations.
Written from a distinctly Christian perspective, this book is also a rich source of spiritual support for mothers who are open to a Biblical perspective.
I highly recommend all of Shonda's books and products, and her website:
Naturally Healthy

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