Monday, November 2, 2009

Doula Magic

 Have you thought of having a doula at your birth ?
Doulas are women who have been trained to offer skilled and compassionate support to women in childbirth. They do not take the place of the partner, but they provide gentle guidance to the mother and father during the birth process. Many doulas also offer prenatal and postpartum support in your home.
Doulas do whatever it takes to keep you as comfortable as possible during labor and birth. Some of the ways that they accomplish this is through;

massage or reflexology

helping you with breathing or positioning

guided imagery and relaxation techniques


a quiet reassuring presence


up to date information on what is safe and healthy when it comes to choices

facilitating your communication with your caregiver

and much more !

The doula stays with you, from start to finish, unlike your caregivers in a hospital setting, which rotate shifts. She knows your story from beginning to end.
I recommend that you choose a doula who has earned a certification, either as a doula or childbirth educator,  and has lots of experience helping parents have safe, normal and healthy births.

Here are some organizations that certify doulas and birth partners:


Here are some questions to ask a doula:

1. What type of training have you had ?

2. Tell me about your certification process ?

3. Tell me about your experience. How many births have you attended ?

4. What is your own personal philosophy of birth ?

5. How many clients do you take per month, and how do you handle back-up ?

6. What is your fee ?

Many women who have used a doula, feel that doulas have a special kind of magic, and that may be true.
But doulas don't have a magic wand that can make birth better if YOU are not informed and willing to take full responsibility for your birth and your choices. 
And choosing a doula is one of the best things you can do to have a safe and healthy birth !

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