Friday, November 6, 2009

Aromatherapy and Massage for Mother and Baby

Good things come in small packages, and today I want to share a very good thing with you !
This lovely little book, by Allison England, is one of my all time favorites.
It combines some basic but powerful instructions on how to safely, simply, and effectively combine the powers of touch and essential oils in making pregnancy, labor, birth and early motherhood a time to tune in to your body and mind and harness the benefits of relaxation and well being.
Allison England, a qualified aromatherapist and registered nurse, explains how to ease the more common discomforts of pregnancy, relieve the pain of labor as well as soothe and comfort restless babies and facilitate the bonding process.
She begins the book with the benefits of aromatherapy in pregnancy, a history of essential oils and their many uses, and a guide to choosing oils of the highest quality and theraputic value.
She covers all the information you need to know about the use of touch and aromatherapy from preconception to postpartum and includes a reference guide to essential oils.
Recipes on how to safely  blend for inhalations, compresses, diffusions, massage oils and creams, baths, hair rinses and much more, make this book a joy to read. There are beautiful sketches depicting techniques for massaging mom and baby. This is a great introductory text for mothers who want to know more a holistic lifestyle, and anyone who cares for women during the childbearing year.

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  1. As a newly certified aromatherapist, this is one book I do have in my library. It is truly helpful. The recipes help you get started, when all of this is so new. You don't want to waste the EO's as they are truly expensive. Once you get the hang of mixing tho, it is fun to create your own.