Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Shattering "Misconceptions" About Birth

In this seven minute video, women and men talk about the differences in the medical model of birth and the holistic model, and how misconceptions about birth shape our approach to experiencing birth.

It has been said that "If you don't know what your choices are, you don't have any." That may be true enough, but I also believe that too many choices are overwhelming and can lead to denial or inertia. I believe that we need a simpler approach to thinking about them when it comes to childbirth.

In my classes, I like to focus on the biological norms of birth, long before I start talking about variations of normal, such as breech birth or things that can become problematic. Many women have heard about problems, but have not heard much about normal, beautiful, undisturbed birth.

Most women have grown up hearing horror stories about childbirth and most of what they have seen portrayed in the media with regard to birth has been very negative or frightening. My first goal is to open women up to a new "Birth Theology," if you will. Hearing the voices of women who have birthed normally, and who have emerged with a sense of accomplishment and confidence are very powerful forces, and I like to share them as often as possible. I thought this short clip was a great example, so I am sharing it today.

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