Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Breastfeeding Shown To Decrease Incidence of Fever After Immunization

A recent study conducted at a vaccination center in Naples, Italy evaluated the effects of breastfeeding on the risk for fever after routine immunization. Mothers of babies scheduled to receive routine immunizations were instructed how to measure and record infant temperature on the evening of the vaccination and the next three days.  Information about the incidence of fever was gathered by telephone on the third day after vaccination.  450 infants were included in the study.  Fever was reported for 25% of infants who were exclusively breastfed, 31% of infants who were partially breastfed and 53% of those who were not breastfed.  The authors of this study noted that the protection that breastfeeding provided “persisted even when considering the role of several potential confounders.”  They conclude that, in this study, breastfeeding was shown to be associated with decreased incidence of fever following immunization.  To read the study online, go to

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