Wednesday, June 16, 2010

How To Use Acupressure Points To Induce Labor in Postdates Pregnancy

*Please note ! Birthwhisperer shares this for your information only. Please consult with your midwife or physician before employing these self-help techniques.

Many women today face the threat of induction of labor, especially when they are being cared for by a medical provider in pregnancy. Studies have shown that due dates are arbitrary guesses, at best, and that waiting on labor to begin on it's own is the best practice for safe and healthy labor and birth. However,there are times when women may benefit from acupressure to augment natural processes, such as in the case of a stalled labor, or being past 42 weeks, or when being threatened with a medical induction, which carries far more risks to mother and baby than simple acupressure techniques as described above. Many doulas are aware of these points, and that's just one more reason to have a doula at your birth !

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