Monday, June 7, 2010

Childbirth And Spirituality

A new study has examined childbirth and spirituality.  The study, which appears in the spring edition of the Journal of Perinatal Education, shows that there may be a role for spiritual beliefs in the clinical assessment of women having babies.  The authors recommend that caregivers ask mothers, “Do you have any spiritual beliefs that will help us better care for you?” during their clinical assessment.  Researchers conducted a secondary analysis of published and unpublished narrative data collected over the past 20 years from 250 culturally diverse women.  Themes in the study included:  childbirth a as a time to grow closer to God, the use of religious beliefs and rituals as powerful coping mechanisms, and childbirth as a time to make religion more meaningful.  To access the full study online, go to Childbirth & Spirituality Study.

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