Sunday, May 2, 2010

Birthwhisperer's Top Picks for Spring Maternity Footwear

As a Certified Integrative Reflexologist, I know the importance of what my mother's generation called "sensible shoes." I cringe when I see pregnant women, waddling around on heels and platforms. During pregnancy, our center of gravity is changed, and walking around in heels can pose a serious risk to your health. It's easier to trip and fall, and the hormonal changes that occur make our joints hyper-mobile, which means we are more prone to injuries from sprains and strains.
In addition to these changes, pregnant moms tend to hold some extra fluid in the feet and legs because of an expanded blood volume around 28 weeks of pregnancy. This can be especially true in the summer months. Many women find it hard to wear shoes that are comfortable when they are in a non-pregnant state.

I would like to share three styles of shoes that I think might fit the bill for a summer pregnancy.

The first two styles are by by ecco. I personally own them both. And I love them !

This one is the ecco "Wave" sandal in black. Mine are black and have three straps across the top instead of the two shown here. They come in brown and black. They are much cuter on your foot than they look in this photo. They are adjustable in the heel and ankle and toe with velcro for a totally custom fit. The first time I tried them on, they felt totally broken in ! They retail for 79.99.

This is the "Yucatan Performance Sandal", also by ecco. I have these in brown/pink but they come in several color combos. These shoes are the best feeling shoe I have EVER put on my feet. Like the "Wave" pictured above in black, these are totally customizable in the heel, ankle and toe with velcro. And also, this photo makes them look much "clunkier" than they really are. The look really great on your feet, and you can walk around all day and be incredibly comfortable and sure footed because they have a non skid sole. They retail for $130.00 and are worth every penny.

The third shoe I want to mention is by OKAb. I am not a huge thong or flip-flop fan, but if you are addicted to them, this shoe may work well for you. They are absolutely adorable, and OKAb was kind enough to send me a sample of the "Lucy" style to review.

They come in a variety of colors. Mine are dark grey with the mother of pearl/shell flower motif, like these have. They have great arch support, and while probably not sturdy enough for a long walk, these would be a great "date" shoe if you weren't planning to be on your feet much. They retail for $40.00.

Check out and for more information on how to purchase these, and other wonderful shoes. Now you know the secret to happy, healthy and adorable feet for your summer pregnancy !

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