Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Every Woman Deserves a Doula

Since May is "doula month" I have posted another video offering that highlights the value of having a doula for your birth. A doula is the only person, besides a woman's partner, who is there just for her. The doula provides continuous support from start to finish. She doesn't change shifts. She doesn't have other patients to care for. She is completely and utterly focused on you.

A great doula is a benefit to the other members of the birth team as well. Since she does not provide a clinical role, she frees the medical team to focus on the clinical aspects of their roles. She helps to make the mother calm and comfortable.
She facilitates communication between the mother and her clinical caregivers.

I hope you will consider giving birth with a doula, because when you are supported and cared for, you will be better equipped to care for your new baby.

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