Monday, May 24, 2010


Doulas give support.

What is Support ? Support is unconditional. Support is letting a woman know that you are there for her, and that your acceptance of her does not depend on your expectation of her behavior or choices.

Support is listening, and not offering advice unless you are asked. Support is helping a woman work through her own feelings, emotions and choices at her own pace.

Support is caring, offering a touch, a hug, a smile. Support is showing you care in personalized ways, like finding out what makes her feel safe and cared for, or making her favorite food.

Support is helping women identify their options, not telling them which options to take.

Support is helping women discover their own God-given abilities and strengths in birth. Support is reaffirming a woman's value as a beautifully unique creature who has been gifted and equipped by a loving God to give birth to her baby.

Support is reminding women that they can make informed choices about the environment in which they will give birth, and the the caregivers who will attend her.

Support is sharing your knowledge and experience with compassion and sincerity.

Support is what Doulas do !

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