Sunday, April 25, 2010

Momma Friendly Swimwear

While on my never ending quest for "momma-friendly" products, I was introduced to these fantastic garments and immediately thought "Where have you been all my life?" 

For those of us who are not quite bikini ready, or wouldn't wear one anyway because of modesty,
girltrunks were designed for the everyday woman in mind. For the newly postpartum and breastfeeding Mom, girltrunks are a great alternative to a swimsuit that rides up in all the wrong places and doesn't properly accommodate an abundant, lactating bosom. But really, girltrunks are a great solution for moms in any season of life !

"girltrunks will forever change the way you look and feel at the pool, the beach, the gym or on the go."

 Indeed, they will. 

 girltrunks’ bottoms combine quick-drying polyamide material with  a mesh lining. They are available in two lengths so YOU can choose how much, or how little, of your legs you want to show. You won’t find side pockets on these trunks as they were designed to flatter a woman’s body with a more tailored look.

Above, you see the 'long on short" option, which has an 11 inch inseam for a little more coverage. 

And here, you see the "meet me in the middle" option with a 7 inch inseam. 

The tops are great too. There are two options, the halter and the tank and both are available in the black and white or the polka dot print.  Trunks and tops are sold separately, for a customized fit. While a bit pricey, the bottoms are 79.00 and the tops are 59.00, they are superior in quality and design.

I was sent some samples to review, in my size.  I chose the "long on short" with the halter top in black and white and I was really impressed with the fit, and attention to detail. The great thing about this swimwear is that it can take you straight from the pool or the beach to out to lunch or the grocery store without skipping a beat, and to a busy Mom, this is a dream come true. 

You can move about freely without having to wonder if something is showing that shouldn't be, or worrying about your swimsuit bottom giving you a wedgie. I think the design would also be very conducive to breastfeeding at the pool or on the beach because the trunks are separate from the tops.

Birthwhisperer is all about finding simple, safe and healthy solutions for mothers and this one passed our scrutiny with flying colors. 

They also come with an unconditional 30 day money back guarantee !
Check them out at

*Birthwhisperer does not receive payment for product endorsements and only endorses products that have been found to be of superior quality and value.

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