Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Nothing Says "I LOVE YOU" Like Breastfeeding

I made these cookies for a LLL meeting that I was attending.
They symbolize the slogan "Nothing Says 'I love you" like breastfeeding !
Here are some slogans that I , and others, have come up as possible tags for breastfeeding advertisements.

"The gift that lasts a lifetime."
"Kid-tested-mother approved."
"It does a body good."
"I'm lovin' it."
"The ultimate Universal Heath Care Plan."
"Purely You"
"The other white milk."
"Don't be fooled by cheap imitations"
"Colostrum, a little dab will do ya"
"With a name like breastmilk, it has to be good"
"Happy Hour"
"Domestic milk on tap, two for the price of one."
"The 100% safe immunization"
"It's what's for dinner"
"The breakfast of champions"
Better for baby than any udder milk"
"Human milk for human babies"
"A smart choice = smarter children"
"Mmmm Mmmm good!"
"Eat at Moms, two lines open, no waiting"
"Open 24 hours "
"The healthy fast food"
"The pause that refreshes"
"Because Mama knows best"
"Designer nutrition for babies of any age"
"Liquid gold"
"Choosy toddlers choose breastmilk"
"When you want to give the very best"
"The difference is measurable"
"Connecting you anytime, anywhere"
"Because you are worth it"
So easy, a cavewomen can do it"
"Eat fresh"
Maybe she's born with it, maybe it's breastmilk"
"The ultimate green energy resource"
"Why pay more?"
"Just do it"
"Breastfeeding works for working mothers"
"The ultimate Happy Meal"
"Tastes great, less filling"
"Good to the last drop"
"The very breast food for baby"
"Comes standard in two attractive containers"

Let me know if you think of more !


  1. Thanks, Lucina ! They are fun to think about. Add more if you can :)