Sunday, April 18, 2010

Momma friendly body shapers !

Birthwhisperer is back, after a short hiatus, with the skinny on momma friendly shapewear. It is no secret that becoming a mother changes everything, not the least of which is our bodies. And just as it takes many months to grow a baby, it can take a while to return to our previous states of being. Some of us remain forvever altered, but we can be proud of what our bodies have accomplished through the heroic act of giving birth !

As we transition to our new physiques, it can be helpful to have some foundation garments that "batten down the hatches", if you get my drift. Sometimes we just don't want to too much jiggling going on. And if we have had a cesarean, our tummies may need tender loving care, in the form of gentle support.
In light of all that, I want to share two products that I have found to be extremely helpful, even though I am 19 years postpartum !

The first is ASSETS by Sara Blakely. The photo above shows a woman wearing the footless tights while obviously pregnant. They are so comfortable and give great control without strangling you. They do NOT do that annoying "roll at the waist thing" and come in many different lengths, from thigh length to the style you see here. I love the "Lucky Leggings" style and wear them year round. They are designed by the same woman who designed SPANX but are a little more affordable. I buy mine at Target.

The next product that I have tried is the Kymaro body shaper.
They make upper foundation garments ( like the one pictured here ) and lowers, similar to the one pictured above. I think the quality is very good, although I prefer the first product I reviewed. I think the Kymaro is a little lighter in the control factor, but if that is what you are looking for, this may be the product for you. The Kymaro may be more comfortable in warmer weather.

I hope to be reviewing more apparel for mothers in the coming weeks. Stay tuned !
I have not received any compensation for this endorsement, although I did receive a sample of the Kymaro garments to review.

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