Tuesday, October 13, 2009

There's no place like home, for birth !

Did you know that for most women, birth at home is as safe or MORE safe than hospital birth ?
In my state, NC, many women choose to give birth at home with a midwife.
You can read about home birth here :

I have witnessed many births, in homes, hospitals and birth centers and there is nothing more beautiful than a birth where the mother has the freedom to do whatever makes her feel most comfortable and safe. She can move around, or not. She can eat if she likes. She can get in the shower or tub. She can even bake a cake or can peaches in early labor !  I have seen it !
She can go outside and take a walk in the sunshine with her husband. A mother who is at peace in her own home tends to labor more efficiently because she does not have stress hormones flowing through her body, inhibiting the natural flow of labor. She can listen to the subtle, and not so subtle cues, that her body gives her and go with it.

Midwives are guardians of safe and healthy birth. They do not view birth as something that is abnormal or something to fear. They view it as a completely normal process in a woman's life, something to be embraced and respected. Midwives are trained to spot possible complications but not to expect them. There is a difference.

Midwives know what NORMAL looks like. Because they have seen it so many times, they can more easily spot what is not normal, and respond appropriately.

Home birth is wonderful for babies too. Babies born in their own homes are at lower risk for infections and breastfeeding difficulties because they are not separated form their mothers after birth. Keeping mothers and babies together after birth has been proven by studies to keep babies healthy and safe.

Home birth is a perfectly reasonable and safe option for many women today.

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