Thursday, October 29, 2009

Good Night, Sleep Tight

Yesterday's blog entry was inspired by a comment on facebook to a new mother who was  happy that  her baby had  finally slept long enough that she could get some much needed rest. One of her friends chimed in with something along the lines of "Oh, have you read BabyWise?" which led me into a diatribe of why I think BabyWise isn't. But, I digress.

So, today is the day I do reviews of resources I find helpful in my work with parents as a certified postpartum doula.  I want to heartily recommend The Baby Sleep Book, The Complete Guide to a Good Night's Rest for the Whole Family, by four supremely qualified individuals, all belonging to the Sears family. They are all health care professionals AND parents. This book is everything you need to know about getting your baby or toddler to sleep, from some of America's foremost baby and childcare experts.
The forward is written by Dr. James McKenna, director of the Mother-Baby Sleep Laboratory at the University of Notre Dame.
I like the way that the authors give parents practical tips and tools while understanding that every parent and baby are individuals. Their tips will help you form your own style and how to become an expert in your own baby.  
I like the fact that the authors write to both parents, and include tips for mother and fathers.
Instead of recommending a rigid approach, they explain how you can create a sleep plan that meets the needs of your unique family. Instead of claiming that parents are "in bondage" to their baby ( like the Ezzo book ) the Sears books offers a flexible and sensitive approach to helping the entire family meet their needs for restful sleep.

The Sears also offer tips on their online Sleep Forum

I hope you will also find this resource helpful with your baby or toddler.

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