Thursday, December 23, 2010

Humble Birth

Today, I reflect on the nativity, the humility of the Lord's birth, and the patience and faithfulness of Mary and Joseph. It must have been extremely trying for them both to abandon themselves to God's plan, to endure the shame of a pregnancy shrouded in such mystery only to have to have the event of the birth of the Savior occur in a barn after a long and exhausting trip to Bethlehem.

What was it like giving birth under those conditions ? According to Jewish law, it was forbidden for Joseph to be present at the birth upon the appearance of blood. Immediately after birth, a woman is considered niddah and must remain physically separated from her husband for a period of seven days after the birth of a male child. Lev. 12:2. But some teachings make provisions for men to help their wives if no one else is around. This raises the question, did they have a midwife help them ?

Perhaps Mary was attended by the angels, who then announced to the shepherds what they had witnessed. Truly, this was the most amazing pregnancy and the most important birth in history.

I believe the humble estate of the birth of Yeshua should remind us all to trust the wisdom and mercy of God to carry us through birth and life, in whatever we do. Blessed Christmas to all !

I hope you enjoy this video, which highlights the simplicity and peace of birth, not in a barn, but at home.

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